Planet X: Dawn of a New Age - Chapter One: 3007
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Alchemist Ayers

"“What do you have when all you have is power? I came, I saw, and I conquered it all. However, in the end, I lost it all, and now I’m here, stranded and in fear for my life". - Alchemist Ayers


Meet Alchemist. Alchemist makes his first appearance in Planet X: Dawn of a New Age in chapter 1, “3007.” He is a young scientist, explorer, physician, and philosopher. He was inspired to become a scientist to use his own personal knowledge to help people and change the Universe. Alchemist lived in the International Space Station and was raised there, but after he graduated from University of the United Nation (where he studied Biology and Physiology), he flew to Earth to explore the world. But when he arrived on Earth, he noticed the condition of people was bad. He was determined to restore the well-being of the people. Before Alchemist came to Earth, the city of Metropolis was a place where the people suffered primitive conditions. Like the early stages of society, the people of the city of Metropolis was living by the law of the jungle and lacked the skills to be self-reliable or resourceful. However, when Alchemist came to earth, he create a modern-day metropolis city where every function. In honor of the contribution that Alchemist made to advancing the condition of people, they named him the ruler of the city. However, in the process of helping people, they turned on him then banished him from the city he helped built.

Character Name: Alchemist Ayers
Nickname / Alias: President Ayers
Date of Birth: August 3, 2974 (33)
Place of Birth: Area 13 (The Capital of the International Space Station)
Species: Homosapin
Race: Scottish and British
Languages spoken: English, Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese and Arabic
Native language: English
Height: 6’8
Weight: 250
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Dark Brown hair
Hair Style:
o Dark Caser
o Fade Ponytail
o Long Straight Hair
o Fade Comb Over

Facial hair:
o Short Square Trimmed Beard
o Medium Square Trimmed Beard
o Full Square Trimmed Beard

Skin Pigment: (Light Beige) North European
Key Relationships/Family Tree:
Parent: Zeno Ayers (father) & Bella Ayers (mother)
Siblings: Dallas & Mars (Clone Twin Brother)
Spouse: Scarlett Ayers
Children(s): Carmen Ayers, Hunter Ayers, and Sades Ayres
Significant others: Rose(last name unknown) (Alchemist concubine)