Planet X: Dawn of a New Age - Chapter One: 3007
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Blood Stalker


Meet the Blood stalkers. Blood stalkers made its first appearance in Planet X: Dawn of a New Age in chapter 1, “3007.” Blood stalkers are a group of mutant/hybrid creatures that was a part of an experiment that went wrong. A doctor that goes by the name of Dr. Dutchmen tried to fuse a child with the DNA of an amphibian creature to create a compound to cure a rare skin disease that his child was suffering from. However, this resulted in the child developing poisonous scales around his entire body. Initially it was only one blood stalker that was created from this experiment; however, one blood stalker that was a part of the experiment was able to multiply and now there are a thousand living in the outskirts of the city of Metropolis. Their physical frame matches the stature of a five- to ten-year-old child; however, they are very violent. Due to the chemical imbalance from the other chemicals that it induced, it inherited predators’ tendencies. Most blood stalkers are wild and can’t be tanned; however, the ones that attacked Calvin and his men were far advanced than the ordinary blood stalker. Those blood stalkers were hyper intelligent and were militant and trained by Mars.
Mars was able to tap in the blood stalker’s human intelligence and train them to follow his orders. The tendency of a blood stalker is very menacing and meant to kill. Blood stalker use the terrain fear factor; if anyone invades their territory or poses a threat, blood stalkers will prey, attack, capture, and finally consume. Blood stalker find thrill in causing evil, harm, and killing. Blood stalkers are small; however, in combat, blood stalkers can fight against a larger animal by using leverage and proper technique. Blood stalker can gain superior positioning—so one can apply the style’s numerous chokes, holds, locks, and joint manipulations like a snake. They are also acrobatic and fast. They are very strong but have a very cowardly tendency as well, like a hyena or a child. Although blood stalkers are very violent, they use mobbing behavior in which they drive away their predator by cooperatively attacking or harassing it—like a hyena. Blood stalkers move and hunt in packs, so there’s a possibility that there are more in the area.

Character Name: Blood Stalker
Nickname / Alias:
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Birth: Earth
Species: Hybrid Creature
Languages spoken: none
Native language: none
Height: Varies (Average height 6'0)
Weight: Varies (Average weight 250)
Eye Color: None
Skin Pigment: Varies in colors (Ranging from White, Black, red, yellow, green, blue, orange, and many more)
Key Relationships:
Creator: Doctor Dutchmen