Planet X: Dawn of a New Age - Chapter One: 3007
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Calvin Davis

“What are you—a soldier or a husband and father?". - Grace Davis


Meet Calvin Davis. Calvin Davis makes his first appearance in Planet X: Dawn of a New Age in Chapter 2, “Agenda.” However, throughout the story, readers learn that Calvin is having trouble adjusting regular life as a citizen. Calvin is Skylar’s father and Grace Davis’s husband. The issue that Calvin is forced to face throughout the novel is his fears of facing his new reality and dealing with his responsibilities. He’s fighting two different wars. Calvin found heaven in the hell that war brings but finds it difficult to make the adjustment to the utopia called the International Space Station. Calvin has been fighting in the space war for seven years, and during that time, his grandparents die, and his mother-in-law gets killed in a house fire, which cause his daughter and wife to become homeless. Now after his return from war, Calvin is put into a position where he needs to provide for his daughter, Skylar, and his wife, Grace. However, his inability to provide for his family caused him to hide from his realities and return to the space war once the offer was made.

Character Name: Calvin Davis
Nickname / Alias: Space Marshal #2339IE-5
Date of Birth: July 17, 2983 (33)
Place of Birth: International Space Station (Area 22)
Species: Homosapin
o Sub-Saharan African
o Samoan
o Native America
o Asian

Languages spoken: English
Native language: English
Height: 7'1
Weight: 325
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Dark Fade
Facial hair:
o None
o Short Square Trimmed Beard
o Medium Square Trimmed Beard
o Full Square Trimmed Beard

Skin Pigment: Golden Bronze
Key Relationships/Family Tree:
Parent: Andre (Space Marshal #47201E-5) Davis II (Calvin Davis’s Father, deceased) & Miri Davis (Calvin Davis’s mother)
Andre “Big Papa” Davis Sr. (Calvin Davis’s Grandfather) & Angelina Davis (Calvin Davis’s Grandmother)
Spouse: Gracie Davis (Calvin Davis’s wife)
Children(s): Skylar Davis (Calvin Davis’s daughter)
Significant others: Kimberly James-Jackson (Grace’s mother)