Planet X: Dawn of a New Age - Chapter One: 3007
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Mars Ayers

"All I wanted was to be loved by our father, but you stole all that love from me. I felt like my relationship with Father was affected by you and Dallas. He favored you and Dallas over me because you were his biological sons,”. - Mars Ayers


Meet Mars. Mars makes his first appearance in the story Planet X: Dawn of a New Age, chapter 1, “3007.” Mars is the son of Zeno and Carolina Ayers, Dallas and Alchemist’s twin/clone brother. Mars was created by Zeno, and his purpose was to harvest his body to transplant into his dying son, Alchemist. When Mars was created, Alchemist was severely ill and lying on his deathbed. At first Mars was a dolly clone (a clone used for organ)—once Mars was created, Zeno took his heart to save Alchemist’s life. When Alchemist recovered from his illness, before his father discarded Mars’s body, Alchemist pleaded with his father to revive Mars. Zeno brought him back to life. When Alchemist was cloned, he was thirteen years old. From the time he was born to the present time during the story Planet X: Dawn of a New Age (3007), Mars is only ten years old. Although he was created with the physique of a teenage boy, he had the mind of a newborn. Zeno tried to integrate him into society, but it took a long time. During Planet X: Dawn of a New Age / 519 the Dawn of a New Age, his mind state was menacing. Mars eventually developed adolescent learning stage. However, as Zeno became occupied with becoming the secretary-general, he began to neglect Mars, which slowed down his development and stopped him from reaching his peak. In the beginning, Mars would look for affection and wanted to be accepted by his peers—but mostly Zeno. This is what caused him to have behavioral disorders such as reactive attachment disorder (RAD). Mars began to feel like a forgotten son, so at that point everything he tried to do was to please Zeno by competing with his brother. However, once he realized that he couldn’t please him, Mars went to the extreme to grab his attention by trying to win his love.

Character Name: Mars Ayers
Nickname / Alias: Red
Date of Birth: March 25, 2997 (10)
Place of Birth: International Space Station (Area 13)
Species: Homosapien/Clone
Race: Scottish and British
Languages spoken: English
Native language: English
Height: 6’0
Weight: 180
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Red
Hair Style: Fade Comb Over

Facial hair: n/a
Skin Pigment: Medium Slightly pink base
Key Relationships/Family Tree:
Parent: Zeno Ayers (father) & Bella Ayers (mother)
Siblings: Dallas & Alchemist (Clone Twin Brother)
Spouse: Venus