Planet X: Dawn of a New Age - Chapter One: 3007


Planet X: Dawn of a New Age

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Episode 1

Planet X: Dawn of a New Age


Day 1

“Today is June 30, 3007. The current temperature is 30 Fahrenheit, and it is precipitating. My current location is at 44°06′46 north, 73°55′25 west, and my family and I have made a crash landing on the base of Mount Marcy due to severe damage to the wing and rocket engines. I was forced to make a deadstick landing due to damages caused by a rocket blast from the rioter as we tried to flee to safety. The right wing of the spacecraft has been demolished by a high-energy beam blast that caused us to glide 262 miles away from the city of Metropolis, and now we are finding refuge from them. Due the condition of the spacecraft, I will have to try to find the material to rebuild it from scratch.

“I have been removed from my authority position in the city of Metropolis, and now my family and I are trying to figure out how to get back to the International Space Station and escape Earth before the citizens of Metropolis capture and slaughter us. The people of the city of Metropolis have lost their dependence and trust in me and are filled with anger because my reputation and name have been damaged. Karma has come back to damage my reputation and name; however, it has come in my own flesh, blood, and bones: my brother Mars.

“I can’t explain in full depth why he prayed for my downfall; all I know is, Mars is fueled with jealousy and envy. Mars deceived the people of the city of Metropolis and successfully turned the citizens of Metropolis against me. However, I am determined to restore my image and my name and earn their trust back. And the remedy to restore my family’s name is to prove it wasn’t me who caused harm to the citizens of Metropolis. I can inform you that I am on a mission to find my way back to space. We have no choice but to leave the spacecraft behind and get past Mount Marcy to reach a nearby city with the right equipment to repair the spacecraft before it’s too late.

“With the help of Beta, they were able to scramble signals to disguise their true location. We can use their signal, but it is not strong enough, so we must use our signal wisely. However, that is the least of my concerns, because Sade has become ill. I think everyone will be fine; however, I am worried about Sade. Due to the current cold condition we are living in right now, her body is unable to fight the cold, and now she is battling a sickness. We will continue to move through the snowstorm; however, we will nurture her and take care of her by any means.

“Back when we were living in the city, it was easy to provide for all her needs. Before we were forced to leave, we had the resources to treat any sickness that arose. We had all the equipment to assist her to be mobile, and we had someone who stood by her side all day. However, with everything gone and the family on the move, it’s very hard to protect her and provide everything she needs to survive this journey. With Sade’s condition, she is unable to move on her own. Due to her inability to move on her own, it’s very hard for us to move at the pace that we need to in order to get where we need to go. Also, she’s unable to communicate with me and Scarlett, and so we are unable to figure out whether she’s hungry or needs to be cleaned—so it’s hard to figure out when we need to stop and take care of her. Furthermore, she’s unable to show any emotions. Sade used to be a child who was filled with joy; however, now, with her sickness and her condition, her personality and her body aren’t the same. I miss the joy I get when I know she’s happy.

“I regret everything I did in the past, because I know we wouldn’t be in the position we are in right now. I feel like I didn’t do enough to protect Sade and the entire family; however, I don’t have time to live in regret. Her immune system is shutting down, and her sickness is getting worse. I have to find the resources to create medication or at least rebuild her immune system before it’s too late. As a father, I want to bring my family to safety. I am their protector and provider and my family’s keeper.”

Day 5

“What do you have when all you have is power? I came, I saw, and I conquered it all. I experienced things that some people will never experience in their lives. However, in the end, I lost everything, and now I’m here, strained and in fear for my life. It’s been days since I had anything to nourish my body. From the reflection from the water, I can see I am losing my figure. I used to have an athletic, muscular figure; however, due to my circumstances, I have lost a lot of weight and now am skinny and fragile. All the food we stored or picked up along the way went first to my children (Sade, Hunter, and Carmen) and then to my wife, Scarlett, before I received anything to feed myself. I’m losing weight and energy; however, I know in the long run it will be well worth it if we are able to reach our destination. It is still snowing heavily, and the temperature has dropped to 10 degrees Fahrenheit; hopefully, we can find shelter very soon…”

Later that day, Alchemist; his wife, Scarlett; his son, Hunter Royal; and his older daughter, Carmen, carrying her younger sister, Sade, continued climbing through the mountain and the wilderness. Passing through a small body of water rushing through a stream and a brook, the family approached a dark trail between groves of oak trees. Although it was still storming, the sun was out. But when they stepped onto the dark trail, the light became dim. It was very difficult to see where they were going, so Alchemist used the flash from his eye lenses as a source for light.

Midway along the dark trail, Alchemist and his family were stopped by a young white blood stalker in their path. Everyone was stunned at first, but once the blood stalker didn’t feel threatening, slowly they (except Alchemist) let their guard down. To the average eye, the blood stalker appeared as innocent as a faceless child; however, in reality, it was a vicious creature. Slowly the blood stalker appeared to Alchemist and his family. At that moment, Alchemist was in a defensive fighting position with his P9X rifle in hand, prepared for the worst. Luckily for the family, once a falling branch slammed to the ground and scared the blood stalker, it scattered into the forest.


It was a stormy night. Outside of Alchemist’s mansion, in the courtyard, a large group of people patiently waited for Apollo, the new leader of the city of Metropolis. Apollo steadily approached the balcony that stood above the crowd of people. Once Apollo stepped foot on the balcony, he began his speech.

“Citizens! Gather around…how long before enough is enough? Is it a year, a decade, a century, a millennium? How long is enough? For generations, we have been divided and conquered; however, today is a new day. Although there is promise up ahead for us as citizens of this city, my question to you all is this: What needs to be done from this day forward? How can we make changes? How can we have our justice? How can we earn the respect that we as people deserve? As one. One body. One mind. One soul. We fall as individuals; however, we rise as one.

“As we stand here today, we stand here together free…free from all the oppression! Alchemist and his regime tried to trap us and kill us one by one; however, in the end, they failed, because we rose as one. My brothers, my sisters: our day has come! We finally fought back, and now the power is in our hands! No longer will we walk blindly in a lie. No longer will we be misguided or deceived. No longer will we feel inferior. We break through our chains. Our minds are a lot stronger than they were yesterday. However, what do we need to do to move forward as a city?

“When you look back in history and see a nation that was able to conquer it all, although it was protected by a strong army, in the end, it was armed with knowledge. In order to move forward as a city, we need to empower and govern ourselves, we need to start building for our own, and we need to feed ourselves physically and mentally. In order for us to move forward and protect the next generation, we need to educate them. We must arm them with the knowledge of what we’ve been through and what we know, so this will never happen to us again! No one will ever oppress us again! Prior to this day, active measures were taken against us. We were demoralized, and our minds were brainwashed to the point where we lost our perception. We lost our identity—we lost our purpose to defend our families, our city, and ourselves. They cut all our resources and left us stranded on Earth. However, today is a new day.

“Today is a new day because the man who has oppressed us is no longer in power. That man is Alchemist, and he is no longer welcome in this city. If he dares to set foot in this city, he will be captured, and he will be charged for the crimes he has committed. If he is captured, he will be charged with the crime of murder and all the evil schemes he used to leave us suppressed and trapped on this Earth. He will reap what he sowed. He can run in fear of facing the consequences of his actions, but he cannot escape his fate. He should be scared! And he should be running, because if he dares to set foot in this city, or if he is captured, he will fall as fast as he has risen. Today, enough is enough. We will come together as one! We will make the changes, have our justice, and earn the respect we all deserve. We will destroy everything Alchemist built. When we are finished, we will rebuild this city from the ashes as one! Let’s go!”


At an altitude of approximately 220 miles, Dallas was at the International Space Station executive mansion, trying to gather himself and figure out what he was going to do next.

“I can’t believe Mars would do this. Why would he do this to us? Destroy everything my father built? He put us in jeopardy of losing all our power and wealth because he wants to tarnish our name because of his greed and envy. A coward—that’s what he is. A coward! It goes to show you can’t trust anyone, even the ones you call flesh and blood,” said Dallas.

Dallas was pacing back and forth in his bedroom. In a circular motion, he rubbed his right hand, which was balled up in his left hand. He heard a knock at the front door. First there were three calm knocks. Then the doorbell rang. A few minutes later, the knocking got louder and more violent. Before Dallas walked to the door, he looked at his surveillance monitors.

“Who is it?” asked Dallas.

“It’s the UN space marshals! Open the door!” said Space Marshal #48201E-95.

The space marshals had already flooded the Ayers property from the courtyard. But once Dallas opened the front door, there was a space marshal in every inch of the home, from the terrace, foyer, all the bedrooms, and the library to the lab room. The sergeant major of the army approached Dallas and issued him the warrant that allowed them to search and seize property from the home.

“What do you want? What are you guys doing?” asked Dallas.

“Under the Supreme Court of the United Nation, we have been granted permission to search and seize all property necessary for our investigation against Mr. Mars Ayers,” said Space Marshal #48201E-95.

As the sergeant major talked to Dallas, he quickly turned his attention to the lab, where he watched other space marshals tearing apart everything in the room. Dallas watched in terror as they seized material from his chemistry lab, including everything from Dallas’s beakers, test tubes, cylinders, Erlenmeyer flasks, DNA sequences, microscopes, and other machines to the biological materials used in his chemistry experiments, including bioelements, biomasses, tissues, cellular components, bodily fluids, and biological samples. They even seized Dallas’s experimental animal farm as part of the criminal investigation. All Dallas’s electronic storage devices were seized, including his computers and hard drives. They seized material from the greenhouse. The family’s personal library of books was also part of the investigation. The library was a valuable collection that consisted of limited editions of scientific, academic, and mathematics books. It also consisted of Alchemist’s personal scientific memoirs, journals, and special essays. The space marshal took all the books from Dallas’s collections for the investigation. Even his pilot’s memory chip was seized.

“Why are they taking all our stuff? None of this is Mars’s,” asked Dallas,

“We need as much evidence as we can gather. It’s standard procedure,” said Space Marshal #48201E-95.

Zeno walked into the room and embraced Dallas. “Hey, Dallas. How are you doing? Are you OK?” he asked.

“Yeah, I’m OK. Dad, what is going on? They are taking everything,” said Dallas.

“I know, son. We have no choice but to let them do their job and take what they need to for the investigation…what happened to Mars? Where is he?” asked Zeno.

“I don’t know. We got into a little scuffle, and then he broke away. That’s when he told me everything I told you,” said Dallas.

“We need to find him. Mars is in big trouble, and his life could be in serious danger. The court of justice is getting ready to place a warrant and send an army of space marshals to capture or kill Mars because of the chaos he has caused on planet Earth,” said Zeno.

“All right. Listen, Dad. Right now he’s the least of my concerns. Right now I need to find a way to get to Earth and find Alchemist, because he’s in real danger,” said Dallas.

“Have you gotten in contact with Alchemist?” asked Zeno.

“Yeah, I was able to get in contact with him before I lost the connection. Lucky for him, I was able to give Alchemist the heads-up on Mars’s plot of trying to turn the citizens of his city against him. I don’t know where he is now, but I know he is with his family, and he’s a few miles away from the city in the mountain area in search of tools to repair his damaged spacecraft,” said Dallas.

“Is he OK?” asked Zeno.

“Yeah, he’s OK,” said Dallas.

“That’s good to hear. I knew he would be OK, because Alchemist is a strong man. But you didn’t hear from your brother?” asked Zeno.

“No! And he’s not my brother—he’s your son. That’s your creation,” said Dallas.

“You don’t mean that,” said Zeno.

“But I do. Listen: ever since Mars has been a part of this family, he has been nothing but trouble. I have no sympathy for Mars and his woes.”

“I understand why you feel the way you do; however, we still have to protect him and be at his side, no matter what he did. He’s still a part of our family,” said Zeno.

“I don’t understand why you are so worried about Mars instead of Alchemist. He’s your real son, and he’s in real danger right now. But the only person who is on your mind right now is Mars. I don’t understand. Besides, if not for Mars, Alchemist wouldn’t be in the predicament he’s in right now,” said Dallas.

“I know, I know. But listen to me, Dallas; if you see or hear of Mars, let me know. This is very important,” said Zeno.

“Whatever…anyway, when will I be able to use the lab again? I need the lab to help find Alchemist.”

“Due to the investigation, you will lose access to the lab. I don’t know how long you will lose access, but if you really need one, Alchemist has a lab in an undisclosed location. If you want to use the lab, I can put the directions into your navigation system, and it will take you where you need to be,” said Zeno.

“That’s perfect; just put in the directions into the pilot system, and I’ll be on my way.”

“All right. Pilot, come here. Here are the coordinates. As soon as you get to the lab, call me. And Dallas, be safe…”

“All right, pops. Thanks,” said Dallas.



Dallas drove across the International Space Station in search of Alchemist’s secret laboratory. His mission was to avenge the family name and help save his brother, Alchemist.

Later that day, Zeno traveled from the lab to the International Court of Justice based in the Peace Palace for an emergency special session. Within twenty-four hours, Zeno, who was the president of the general assembly, and the rest of the general committee (the main organs of the United Nation) were in attendance: the vice president of the United Nation and the six main committees. General assembly observers were there, granted observer status due to their contributions to the United Nation and the International Space Station. Either they supplied a good or a service, or they owned war bonds for the United Nation. The general assembly observers consisted of the wealthiest and most powerful men and women in the International Space Station. Whether it was the army commander, space merchants, top scientists in the universe, armament manufacturers, asteroid miners, or water cartels from the International Space Station, they were in that room, looking chic and dapper while trying to figure out the mission and agenda of this general debate. The meeting was called at the request of the Security Council to settle multiple legal disputes submitted by states and to find resolutions and decisions for considerations that had recently emerged. And as the president of the general assembly, Zeno was going to open up and preside over the session for the members of the United Nation.

“The informal plenary meeting of the general assembly is now called to order. I now give the floor to the secretary-general, His Excellency James Aesop,” said Zeno.

“Fellow delegates, ladies and gentlemen, mesdames et messieurs, damas y caballeros, nǚshìmen xiānshēngmen, dam i gospoda: Thousands of years ago, the entire world was in total chaos. World War II had ended, Hitler and his Nazi regime were conquered, Japan was defeated, and the Soviet Union was disabled. But with so much bloodshed and hostility, there was a good potential that World War Three would happen. However, once the United Nation emerged as an international system, people all over the world with different beliefs were able to settle their differences and come together. The United Nation eliminated the division that was building and brought democracy to the entire world. The United Nation originated as a system that would bring order and enforce the dignity and equal worth of all people. The United Nation enforced international law, security, economic development, social progress, and human rights for everyone in and around the world.

“The United Nation originally started off with fifty-eight members out of the hundred and ninety-six countries and two hundred and forty-eight nationalities scattered across the world. Today, as we are gathered here at the International Space Station, we are recognized as one nation. And the beauty of what we were able to accomplish is that we were able to take visions from the past and bring them higher than anyone could have imagined. When countries made their push to lead the race into space, President Kennedy made it a mission to be the first on the moon. That was in 1969. Although it’s 3007 and we are more advanced, we were able to take his vision to another level by bringing the world to outer space. We overcame the difficulty of bringing the world to outer space. We embraced the challenge, and in our quest for knowledge and progress, we were determined. If America hadn’t taken the responsibility to lead the space race, would we be in the position we are today?

“We learned from America’s mistakes and took the goals they set in the past to the next level. Like Kennedy, in our hope for peace and security, we took a leap of faith and moved to space. Elites from all over the world were able to come together and form this supernation. We rebuilt the International Space Station into an interstellar ark; we were able to create a world currency and build the strongest army and government body ever known in history. But this wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the founding fathers.

“The Declaration of the United Nations was able to come together with the help of Great Britain, the United States, and the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republic, and it became an official system for cooperation among allies during World War Two. It was the emergence of the United Nation that brought peace, improved living conditions and liberty, and brought diplomacy and international order to the world. Without the principles and the influence that the United Nation established, countries and people all over the universe wouldn’t be able to practice democracy. The United Nation and the system that drives it are essential tools to bringing order to the universe; however, this took centuries of work. Although we were able to establish this institution that would work for the good of mankind, for centuries, as a whole, we have continued to fail to practice the principles of the United Nation. When I modeled the design to rebuild the International Space Station and we decided to move to space and come together to form the United Nation, our main goal was to unify. However, for the past hundreds of years, we have been in constant war that has resulted in numerous senseless deaths for both innocent bystanders and combined forces.

“But slowly and surely, we were able to move forward and implement a system of international rules and norms. We were able to get past the desire for power, dominion, and supremacy and look into a future where there is peace and harmony; however, the process isn’t as fast as it should be. In such a dark universe as the one we all live in, as individuals, sometimes we get discouraged, and we start to believe that there is no one who cares about humanity and society. But I’m here to tell you all that there are people out there with pure hearts who care. It’s documented that the people of the United Nation were able to come together to fight for humanity, society, and international order, all by doing things like marching and speaking out against corruption and saving people’s lives by fighting hunger and diseases that we never thought we’d be able to cure. Progress is real; however, our mission as a nation is far from complete. We have created standards that are unrealistic; however, we created a model we should live by.

“For years, we were able to shy away from the possibility of all-out war; however, today we found ourselves being pulled back into a darker and more disordered universe than ever before. We are in a state of emergency, and war has been waged on us by the Republic of Pluto and Planet X, and this must be addressed if we want to move forward as a nation. When we discovered Planet X, we were able to bring truth to the prophecies that prove that there is indeed an afterlife. We made Planet X our new host planet; however, the people of Planet X are fighting back. Not only is our well-being threatened, but because of our wrongdoing, our foundation is breaking apart. I don’t how much longer we can live in the International Space Station, because the infrastructure of the station is falling apart. The chemical contamination is breaking down our air, our crops, our soil, and our water. And what makes matters worse is that our population has surpassed the capacity of the space station. If we don’t rebuild the infrastructure of the space station—if we do not expand or find a planet as a host—then this will result in unlivable conditions. We need to do what’s necessary for the people of the United Nation to move forward.

“It’s a shame that despite all our technological and medical advances, we are still dealing with issues ranging from unemployment, inflation, and excessive military spending to moral issues like corruption and environmental issues (such as waste disposal or pollution in ecosystems, which is causing climate changes and natural resource depletion). We have overpopulation, scarcity in water, water privateering, urban decay, and space pollution. We must counter barbaric attacks where stray individuals start biological warfare and adversaries like the Republic of Pluto, who use inferior technology like drones and androids built with super artificial intelligence to do evil things to innocent people. Moving forward as a nation, we must stay true to the model that has brought us to where we are today despite the status of the universe. Instead of embracing our deepest fears, we must believe that things will get better for humanity. The United Nation was founded by a group of men and women who had a vision of a peaceful universe where all nations were able to uphold basic laws and needs for humanity. As a nation, we must take the responsibility to maintain international order while practicing peace rather than going to war by using the principles from the space law and international declarations.

“As we construct our sustainable-development goals for the next fifty years, we will show the strength of the United Nation by refining the international system that has been working for thousands of years. The only way we can resolve these issues is if we let go of our old differences and find a common ground where we can bring democracy, peace, and international order to all people.”


Four hundred light-years away from human existence, there is a spiritual world where a forbidden land rests. This planet is called Planet Nibiru (referred to by humans as Planet X), and on this planet, there is a forsaken land called the Nirvana. Planet Nibiru is thirty-eight light-years in length, and within this planet there are thirty-eight gods. There are thirty-eight gods, and each controls a different physical element of all planets in the universe: earth agriculture, gems, and jewelry), water, fire, air, space, darkness, and ether (the spiritual component of the soul). The Nibirian gods are the supreme guardians of light, time, and power structures and the keepers of reason, truth, wisdom, and purity. When the gods come together, they form as one body. However, Queen Nebula is the only god who can bring them all together and exploit all the elements and the powers of the gods. Queen Nebula is the reincarnation of the gods of Planet Nibiru. She was made from the immaculate conception of the almighty god, and her job is to create peace in the universe.

Queen Nebula carries and controls the souls and energy of all thirty-eight gods. Queen Nebula has the power to guard and regulate the stars, the seasons, and the nature of the entire universe. And she is the only god who can appear before other life-forms. Queen Nebula can use her power and appear among other life-forms by choosing a Nibirian person, an Amazon warrior, or even a human and giving him or her divinity from the gods. She can also arise in a physical form as she chooses, but only to defend or establish balance and order in the universe. Queen Nebula is the caretaker of beauty, love, and healing. However, Queen Nebula also mirrors the strength of the gods as well. Queen Nebula has the willpower to bring the darkness out of all elements and use elements as weapons. When needed, Queen Nebula can be fierce and can exhibit unmatched wrath. The only time she shows her strength is in times of war.

Planet Nibiru and Nirvana are places where everyone is free from all mental and physical suffering, and in this place, Nibirian gods, Nibirian angels, and the souls of the dead live and worship among one another Nirvana is also a place where the secret powers of the gods are guarded. There are two bridges between the two worlds: one is spiritual, and the other is through the gateway. If you were not born in this world, in order for you to have access to the Nirvana, you must be heaven-sent. Queen Nebula holds the key to the gates of the Nirvana. Demons and mortals are forbidden access to Nirvana and Planet Nibiru. However, one of the ten sages of the Planet Nibiru has prophesied that demons will return to the Nirvana and destroy everything the gods have built. This will start a holy war among the demons, the mortals, the Nibirian, and the gods. However, because this story has been passed down from generation to generation, they know what’s coming and are prepared for the worst.


“Live from Cybro News headquarters, today is 1070-09-20 ∇ 21:00 lunar standard time. Hello. My name is Michelle Waters, and you are watching Cybro News.

“Top of the news today: At ∇ 21:35, we will discuss whether or not having a personal robot is safe or a weapon for mass destruction. With the murder rate between humans and robots rising due to system malfunctions, manufacturers and officials are coming together to figure out whether the artificial intelligence built into these machines is suitable for household usage.

“But in today’s news, aircraft crashes are at an all-time high. With close to a hundred thousand people dying in the past year in crashes, International Space Station officials are planning to create new precautions to prevent this issue of aircraft crashes. International Space Station police data reveals that the number-one reason aircraft accidents have risen is the increase of drinking and flying. The International Space Station police data also reveals that another reason aircraft fatalities have increased is because people simply can’t handle flying aircrafts. The International Space Station police are planning lower the speed and the altitude at which people can fly their aircrafts to lower the chance of fatality.

“In other news, the trillion-dollar company Parashoes Manufacturing has recalled over five hundred thousand of its Rocket Boots today due to multiple reports of the flying boots exploding, which has caused thousands of people to lose limbs. The president of Parashoes, Inc., made a statement today: ‘As one of the most recognized businesses in the universe, we pride ourselves as a corporation in creating the best and safest products in the transportation market. Today our company’s image has been tainted. Our staff at Parashoes, Inc., is going to put full effort into restoring the lives that were affected by this huge setback for our company. It will take a while to fix the damage that was done; however, our entire staff is willing to face the challenge ahead.’

“This setback will cost them billions of dollars in damages; however, the company hopes that they will be able to fix this issue and return back to a positive status once again.

“In other news, an arrest warrant has been issued for Alchemist and Mars Ayers. The space marshals have placed the Ayers brothers on space watch for conspiracy and numerous counts against each individual, including crimes of genocide, war crimes, and acts against humanity. In the case of Ayers Brothers versus the People of the State of the International Space Station, the International Criminal Court has already issued arrest warrants for fourteen individuals and summonses to twelve others. Five persons are currently in detention. Proceedings against one are ongoing, while four proceedings have been completed. Three have been convicted and one has been acquitted while nine others are at large as fugitives. Mars and Alchemist were indicted during a pretrial chamber, where an arrest warrant was issued for the two brothers. Although the crimes that were committed were outside of the International Space Station, the International Criminal Court found that there are reasonable grounds to believe that these individuals had committed their crimes within the jurisdiction of the court. A three-billion-dollar reward has been placed for anyone who has any information on the two brothers.

“Next on Cybro News, have sex robots replaced or damaged human interaction between men and women? Our top experts will lead this discussion at the top of the hour. We are going to take a quick break. Stay tuned for more Cybro News.”

DAY 12

In the meantime, Alchemist and his family continued their long journey on the Mount Marcy. The entire surface was covered in snow, and the family had to push their way to create a path to their destination. They passed a couple of abandoned bridges, brooks, creeks, and damaged, deserted, unpaved roads before reaching another trail. The trail was very steep and difficult to maneuver; however, they made it through. They followed the trail, which led them behind a ranch that was standing on sixty-six acres of abandoned agricultural land. This agricultural land seemed mythical because while everything outside of it was covered in snow, the land was filled with natural resources. This land had all the essentials Alchemist needed to restock their supplies for the journey and also help Sade. The land held many gardens, a variety of domestic animals, and other crops. At this point, all Alchemist’s devices had signals and were back on the grid. So Alchemist wanted to confirm his location to Dallas and also come up with the next plan.

“Alchemist to Dallas, can you read me? Alchemist to Dallas, can you read me?”

“Yes, I read you. What seems to be the problem?”

“I just reached this large farmland a couple of miles from my last location. I am currently standing next to what seems to be the main ranch. I don’t know if someone lives here or owns the land. I don’t want to intrude without being welcome. What I want you to do is to look up some information on my current location to see if anyone lives here. In the meantime, I will send you Sade’s vital signs, blood, and urine samples to analyze and figure out her macromolecules levels and see if she’s dealing with anything else. There are a lot of resources here that I can use to my advantage if we need to come up with a formula for medication,” said Alchemist.

“Confirm. Send me her vitals, blood, and urine, and I’ll send you information on your current location,” said Dallas.

“All right.” To send Sade’s vitals and fluids, he used the digital component of his garment, which was equipped with a heart-rate monitor and a quantum teleportation device. Sade

“Dallas, what do you have for me?”

“I have some information on your current location. The land you are standing on right now is owned by a man who goes by the name Abe Smith. From the data that I was able to gather, it is said that he is a 1,113-year-old blue-collar man who has been farming just as long as he’s owned the land, which is a thousand years. It is said that he became immortal after finding the elixir for eternal life. He went in exile after he and family were threatened, as many people wanted to get their hands on what was called ‘the gate to heaven and immortality.’ After 2050, Abe Smith disappeared from the face of the earth following a period of time when he and his family were constantly harassed. There is no indication that he is deceased, so I assume that he still alive. It is said that he may have returned to his farmland after giving up the fountain of youth. I suggest that you see if he’s there, and if he is there, find out more about him.

“As far as the status of Sade—Sade’s macromolecule levels are low in all three categories: carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Sade is deficient. She needs to synthesize or ingest those ingredients in order to rebuild her immune system. Also…”

Alchemist lost the signal.

In the meantime, Sade’s immune system was failing, and she was having complications. They had to wait a couple of hours before Alchemist was able to get the full results of the test. To boost Sade’s immune system, Alchemist needed basic IV solutions to refuel her with fluids and electrolytes. Alchemist began walking the acres of the land, and as he and his family continued walking, they found a field of fruits with an elderly man sitting in a rocking chair nearby. As Alchemist approached the elderly man, he began to smile and wave with happiness as they got closer.

“Greetings, my friends. My name is Abe Smith; how can I help you?”

“Hello. My name is Alchemist, and this is my family. The one on your left is my son, Hunter. The girls on the right are my two daughters—Carmen, the older one, and Sade, the younger. And last but not least, this is my beautiful wife, Scarlett.”

“Pleased to meet you all. So how can I help? It looks like you guys have been on your feet for days,” asked Abe.

“Yes. We have been on our feet for days, and we need some help and time to get our feet back up under ourselves,” said Alchemist.

“And I am here to help you guys. Here, come with me,” said Abe.

As they started walking back to the main ranch, Sade began coughing violently. Abe was concerned, so he asked if she was OK.

“No; she’s actually dealing with a sickness and needs to be treated with some essentials that can be found in your garden.”

“All right. I will walk you guys back to my ranch, and then Alchemist and I will head back to my garden and grab something that will fill your bellies and also help Sade with her sickness. Sound good?” asked Abe.

“Sounds good.”

“All ready? Let’s go,” Abe said.

When they reached the ranch, Abe gave each member of the family a room to rest in to restore their energy. Meanwhile, Alchemist and Abe went back outside in search of food for the entire family. As Alchemist and Abe walked toward the garden, as an icebreaker, Alchemist asked Abe if he had children of his own.

“Yes, I do. I have two sons, and I have two daughters; however, I haven’t seen them for nine hundred and fifty-seven years,” said Abe.

“Nine hundred and fifty-seven years?”

“Yes, nine hundred and fifty-seven years. See, what you may not know is that I am one thousand one hundred and thirteen years old and have been farming on this land for one thousand years. In my last stage—or what I thought was my last stage of my life—I started to feel like I was dying. As I was getting older and coming close to my death, my fear of death gave me the desire to find the fountain of youth. I searched and did countless experiments for years until I finally found the solution for the fountain of youth. With the fountain of youth, I was given the ability to rejuvenate and revive myself and remain young and cheat death. Now I am here today tell you my story,” said Abe.

“Wow. But why nine hundred and fifty-seven years? What happened?”

“Well, it was before the 2050 apocalypse when I found the solution for the fountain of youth. When I found the solution, I drank it and gave it to my children and wife, and we kept this secret about the fountain for two hundred years. Then we came out and told our story. At first, we were praised and treated like royalty for the discovery; however, after 2050, when I broke my promise that I would not mass-produce the fountain of youth, my sanity was threatened. It was the beginning of the apocalypse in 2050, when I had no choice but to send my two sons, my daughter, and my wife to space to get away from the chaos that was happening on Earth. I sent my family to space and told them to never come back for our sanity.”

“Your sanity? Why would you be in fear of losing your sanity when you are immortal?” asked Alchemist.

“I tell people, ‘it may seem like a blessing that I am able to live for so long; however, it is not as pleasing as it seems.’ I have seen constant battles and war; I have seen massive starvation and other senseless acts. I tell people that life is precious; however, it is not worth living forever. I tell people that even though you’re immune to death, you are not immune to the feelings that everyone has to face every day. I tell them that immortality brought sorrow to my heart. There will never be peace on Earth. That is the nature of life. I regret finding the fountain of youth because when you live for so long, you will see things that you wish never to see. I was murdered multiple times. I saw my family tortured and then come back to life. That is why my soul will be in constant battle. My soul is trapped because it is constantly trying to escape the flesh. I feel like I am being punished by God because I tried to cheat death. I wanted to be free from fear; however, it resulted in the entrapment of my soul,” said Abe.

“Do you still have the fountain of youth?” asked Alchemist.

“I know where it is; however, I will never give that information to you or anyone because I know it’s dangerous. Even though I am immune from dying, I still see the imperfection of life. Although I can’t die, I have witnessed death and generations of greed and corruption. I tried to keep this away from anyone other than myself in an attempt to protect humanity, to protect them from what I am forced to see every day. However, they wanted eternal life as well. I told them to reach for eternal life but not on Earth. However, my sanity was threatened. My mind was scarred so much that I gave up and gave them the fountain of youth,” said Abe.

“Who did you give it to?” said Alchemist.

“I don’t know who they were; maybe some beings of higher intelligence. However, whoever they were, they were very wealthy and very powerful, and if they used the elixir for eternal life, they are probably now in control of something big and corrupt. No one can stop them because they know the outcome of everything, since nothing changes, everything stays the same, and history always repeats itself…” said Abe.

Alchemist and Abe reached the garden. Abe instructed Alchemist to grab a bucket and fill it up with short stalks of raw sugar cane. They found a salt solution inside a nearby lake after using a simple distillation. Alchemist gathered animal protein to help refuel his family and himself. There was a variety of domesticated animals: cattle, chickens, horses, pigs, goats, and sheep. From a single goat, Alchemist used the skin for clothing and the flesh for meat for his children and wife. Alchemist was able to produce cheese and yogurt from scratch from the goat’s milk. From the cattle, they used the liver and beef as a source of energy as well. From the spice garden, Alchemist filled baskets with pungent spices—curry, ginger, cilantro, rosemary, thyme, cloves, nutmeg, and other spices—to help give their food some flavor.

Once Alchemist and Abe gathered everything they needed, they returned to the ranch and gave Sade the basic IV solutions inside a plastic bottle that was filled with a sterile water compound made from salt, sugar, and additional minerals. After everyone was fed and once Sade was in stable condition, Scarlett and Carmen bathed her in berry juices and herbs. After they bathed her, she fell asleep.

DAY 13

As Alchemist and his family were getting ready to leave the farmland, Alchemist asked Abe whether or not he had the right equipment to repair the beta spacecraft. He did not have the right tools at hand; however, he knew where to find them. Abe gave Alchemist the directions, and they prepared to move to the next destination. As Alchemist was setting up the horse and carriage, Sade’s body began to reject the food and medication. Her immune system was shutting down. She was developing hypothermia. Her body’s temperature dropped to 35.6 Fahrenheit. The signal had been lost before Dallas was able to tell Alchemist that methyl mercury was in Sade’s system.

Alchemist mistook her symptoms. The first stages Sade mimicked the signs of a common cold: mild coughing and a runny nose. However, later on, Sade’s condition got worse. During the later stages of Sade’s sickness, Alchemist began to notice definite symptoms Sade. Her fingers and toes trembled, and her mental state changed. Tests revealed that she had a blood-mercury level of 192 micrograms per liter, double the toxic threshold in the human body. Her skin was blue and gray, and her veins were showing. Sade’s macromolecule levels were low. Her macromolecule levels and cell molecules were both damaged, but once Dallas transported Alchemist to the compound and she injected it into her arm, all her vital levels, macromolecule levels, and cell molecules became rebuild. Alchemist started a fire and sat next to the fire as he wrapped his arms and body around her to produce heat and reduce her shivering. Alchemist was nurturing Sade for the first time in her life.


Sitting in a temple in the city of Nebula, the ruler of the universe, Queen Nebula, was praying to the gods. The king of Planet Nibiru, Omega Iris, entered the same temple to discuss the security of Planet Nibiru. Omega Iris didn’t hesitate or beat around the bush; he was straightforward in what he wanted to talk to her about. “Where are the rest of the humans?”

“I don’t know.”

“Don’t play naïve; I already know that Zeno sent an army of men to try to take over Nibiru. He’s found our weakness and started a plague against us, and now we are vulnerable. I know how an army leader thinks. As commander in chief of Amazon warriors, if I was leading an army of my soldiers against an enemy, and I knew that their army and their people were in a state of vulnerability, the first move I would make is to attack and start a war against us. We need to prepare for war. A holy war is at hand, and we need the gods’ best soldiers to fight and defend this land. However, we need to know where they are and where they are going to be. So I am going to ask once again—where are the humans? Where are the space marshals?” said Omega Iris.

“Honestly, I do not know where the humans are or where they are going to be. Besides, I don’t understand why you see them as a threat because they are nothing but innocent creatures,” said Queen Nebula.

“Are you being sympathetic to the humans? Have no sympathy for the devil or his serpents! Your heart has blinded your mind to the point where you have confused a human with an angel. Humans are not innocent creatures—they are savages, built for war and destruction, and soon we will be the victims of their wickedness if we let them do whatever they want,” said Omega Iris.

“The humans are gods’ creatures, and the gods have a purpose for all of creation. We cannot destroy out of fear what the gods have created. There is nothing to fear because the gods would never allow anything that isn’t meant to be in the Nirvana,” said Queen Nebula.

In his frustration, Omega Iris began to express himself, and they exchanged personal insults. “You know, I always question whether or not you really have the soul of Nebula, because I don’t think you’re fit to be a god. You welcomed these demons and led them to our land. And now you defend them? Are you serious? They are demons! That’s it. Enough is enough. From this day, as the Omega of Nibiru, I declare that you will be marked as a traitor to Planet Nibiru and its people. You have turned your back on the gods and can’t ever be forgiven. You are no longer welcome in the Nirvana and Planet Nibiru. You sold us to demons for your passion for the human Alchemist. I’m the Omega of Planet Nibiru, and we share the throne. The gods chose me for my strong genes and for being the most powerful and smartest warrior in the galaxy; however, it seems that you traded my love for you for a human! I love you with all my heart; however, I believe the reason you abandoned me and our people is because we have been unable to conceive a child. My love for you can never be matched, but because we were never able to conceive a child, you betrayed me and the people. There is no reason for me to keep you here. Leave—and never come back.”

“That’s fine, because Alchemist was able to achieve what you were never able to achieve: a child. I was able to build a relationship with Alchemist. We are bonded by our love, and the child will soon be welcomed to the universe. You may be the most powerful and smartest warrior in the galaxy; however, Alchemist is really the one who was chosen to be second to the throne. Soon we will breed this child, who will share the spirit and the breath of the gods. And once it appears on the surface of the universe, from the ashes of the Nirvana, he will have the power to create a new heaven and new planet, which will be devoid of all sins and suffering. Good-bye, Iris. I’m going searching for Alchemist, and when I return, you will be long gone. Your judgment day will come very soon, and you will be punished for all the evil and all your wicked ways. And that human everyone so fears will be wearing your crown and sitting on the throne,” said Queen Nebula.

“Whatever. Leave, and never come back,” said Omega Iris.

Queen Nebula got up from her seat, walked out of the temple, and left Omega Iris in the temple alone as she began to travel away from Planet Nibiru.


Mars returned to space from Earth, and his first destination was Pluto’s space station. Standing in front of Pluto’s family palace was Mars. He buzzed to enter. Once he confirmed who he was, he was granted entrance. Adakis greeted him at the front door and welcomed him. Mars entered the greeting room and was introduced to the Pluto family. There was the prince, Adakis Musso. There was the first lady, Alexandria Musso. There was Angel, who was a close friend of the family. And there was Pluto Musso, who was leader of the Pluto nation and provider for the Musso family.

“How are you doing? Welcome. Do you need anything to drink?” asked Adakis.

“No, I’m fine. Thank you.”

“All right, then. Wait right here; my father should be coming down from his room in a few minutes.”

Pluto entered the room. And as he walked down the steps, he quickly resumed the last conversation he’d had with Mars. “Did you complete the mission that was assigned to you?”


“Good, good, good—very good. Once your father realizes what has happened, he will feel the vengeance of his lost and forgotten son. What type of father would create and give birth to a son and then send him away to fend for himself? You were your father’s second son. But for some reason, he didn’t see it that way. See, at his birth, I chose my son Adakis to revive the Pluto dynasty to its glory years. My son witnessed and learned from my mistakes in the past. This will help to prepare him to lead this nation after I die or abdicate. Adakis is the prince of the dynasty, and I am proud to say that he will be greater than I have ever been. Your father feared that his children would become greater than he was. You should be the prince of your father’s empire. But that’s why I’m here. I will give you the opportunity to get the power you deserve, and the next time your father stands in the presence of his son, you will be recognized as a ruler in control of the entire universe, and you will be glorified as such. And when he kneels before his son, he will give an account for all ill will he displayed toward you. Anyway, this is not the time or the place to have this discussion. Come with me, my son, so we can discuss our plans.”

“Yes, sir,” said Mars.

As the chaos and the mayhem slowly died down, an aircraft appeared in the sky. No one was sure what it was until everyone approached the object that had crashed miles away from all the madness. It was a space capsule with a family from the Planet Nibiru inside. The Mason family was one of many families leaving the International Space Station looking for a new planet to live on because of the dwindling food supplies and environmental crisis. There was a diminishing amount of water, food, oxygen, and other natural resources in space that caused everyone to flee the International Space Station and take refuge on Planet Nibiru. However, once the Nibirians figured out the agenda of the humans, they began creating changes that would affect the human race, and the family left to find refuge on Planet Earth.

They had never been to Earth before, so everything was new to them. As the family slowly stepped out of the aircraft and embraced everyone they found[E-1] , they were intrigued by their new surroundings. Unlike the atmosphere in the space station, everything was organic. Whether it was the grass, the mountains, or the air, it was immaculate to the family from space. For a moment, the family members were in a daze.

However, once they were able to gather themselves, they began to greet everyone surrounding the space capsule. Apollo had seen the aircraft land, and since he was the leader, he felt obliged to introduce himself as the leader of the city. Once Apollo introduced himself, the Mason family introduced themselves to Apollo.

“Greetings. My name is Sebastian. This is my wife, Ayda; my daughter, Xyla; and my son, Zahi. We are the Mason family. We are looking for refuge from the crisis on Planet Nibiru.”

“Well, you came to the right place. Hello. My name is Apollo; welcome to my city. Here, come with me. I have place for you and your family to settle down…”


“According to the samples you sent me, there is a bio accumulative toxicant substance in Sade’s system. This substance can be very deadly if it is not treated. But don’t worry. During the time you were off-line, I was able to produce a compound. We only have a few seconds before the signal cuts off. When you are able get a signal once again, I will teleport a duplicate of the compound just in case the first one I send is destroyed in the process,” said Dallas.

Sade While Dallas transported the compound to Alchemist, Scarlett held Sade. When Alchemist was getting ready to inject the compound into Sade, Scarlett wouldn’t let her go.

“What are you
doing? Let her go. I won’t let anything happen to her; I promise.”
Scarlett handed Sade over to Alchemist, and he injected the compound into Sade’s body. A few hours Sade later, her condition improved. Her macromolecule levels were restored, her body temperature rose to normal, and her breathing and her heart rate were both normal. With wood from the barn, Alchemist built a carriage in order to carry the entire family and the material that he planned use to rebuild the beta spacecraft. As they saddled the horse, the rain ceased, and the sun rose. And under the sunrise, Sade smiled once again. At this moment, Alchemist finally was able to find joy in his wounded child, Sade.

At that moment, everything was good with the family except Scarlett. Back when Alchemist and the family were living in the city of Metropolis, Scarlett was faithful to Alchemist, even though Alchemist was promiscuous. Alchemist saw, however, that when they lost their fortune and wealth, her attention had changed. Scarlett was losing faith in Alchemist. She questioned his greatness. When Alchemist had wealth and power, Scarlett let him get away with things like having relationships with multiple women.

However, now that he had no power or wealth, she treated him differently. Alchemist felt that he was losing Scarlett’s trust and faith in him and that she’d betray him if she had the chance. The worry he saw in her eyes and how she questioned him every time he spoke to her concerned him. At one point, Scarlett began to second-guess herself and start listening to her instincts. Throughout his downfall, Scarlett was fighting with herself about whether she’d go back to Metropolis and give Alchemist up to the people of the city, but she had nowhere else to go.


Meanwhile, chaos began in the city. The tension in the air had begun to rise as Apollo and the citizens of the city of Metropolis removed Alchemist from power and destroyed everything he helped build. While Alchemist and his family were trying to find a way back to the International Space Station, his people were beginning to riot and destroy everything he’d built, whether it was buildings or statues. Also, his personal items were destroyed. Photos of himself and his family were destroyed, and his prize possessions like his pet lions, jaguars, tigers, cheetahs, and panthers were slaughtered.

A large number of the group remained outside and destroyed everything outside of the mansion while others charged inside Alchemist’s mansion. A building in the garden and a maze were burned down. Apollo led the chaos inside the mansion. They attacked Alchemist’s mansion; the interior was destroyed. The bronze doors were knocked off the hinges. The antique furniture was demolished, and chandeliers and mirrors were broken. All of Alchemist’s classical oil paintings and self- and family portraits were destroyed. Alchemist’s Parmigianinos, Raphaels, Tintorettos, Leonardo da Vincis, Calvina Pozzos, and portraits of his son, daughters, and wife were burned in a pile of flames. His sculptures and reliefs were vandalized and defaced. Apollo strayed away from the group in search of Alchemist’s bedroom. Once Apollo reached the bedroom, he stood in front of one of Alchemist’s photos and began to speak as if he were looking in a mirror at his reflection.

“You coward. You were never the man that I thought you were. I modeled myself on everything you preached; however, in the end, your words were all lies. It was blasphemy for me to look at you as if you were a god, because in reality you are just a man disguised as a demon. Now that you are gone, I will take over the city, and when I do, I will lead these people the right way. I will destroy everything you helped build and take over. I will start a new city, and I will leave my own mark. Mark my words. I will make changes that need to be made. I will keep all your scripts for all your speeches, every note and book that you ever created, because I do adore your work, and I respect your mind. However, you will be erased from the history of the city, and you will no longer exist to these people because I will replace your work with my name. I will carry on your genius work as a vessel; however, you will mean nothing to me or the city. Maybe I cannot erase what you have achieved from the mind of this generation; however, in generations to come, you will not enter the minds of my people. It’s over for you, Alchemist! You are dead to the city, and most important, you are dead to me!”

Apollo reached for the portrait from the wall, grabbed his pocketknife, stabbed the photo, slit it open, and then tossed the photo through the window into the pit of flames outside the mansion.

The chaos heightened when the group of rioters started to gather women who were allegedly pregnant with Alchemist’s children. A lot of the women who were being rounded up were being turned in by women who knew them. Prior to Alchemist being forced into banishment, a lot of women in the city tried to get impregnated by him. It was seen as an honor because of how much power Alchemist had at that point. However, since he had been banned from the city, it was now frowned upon. A lot of the women who turned in other women still hated those women, so they had no problem getting them involved in all the chaos. One of the women was a young lady named Rose. Rose was one of Alchemist’s concubines. She was only eighteen years old, and she was six months pregnant with Alchemist’s son.

“If you allow us to abort your child, we will spare your life. All we need is the child. That’s it! That’s all we need,” said rioter number one.

“But I’m pregnant.”

“Don’t worry. We will provide you with the best doctor in the city to perform the procedure, so you will have nothing to fear.”

“No! No matter what crime Alchemist has committed, this is still my child, and I will not put my child in harm’s way because of what his father did. If you want to discipline anyone for his actions, find Alchemist and punish him—not my child.”

“We understand that is your child. I understand because I have children of my own. However, there is no reason to protect your child, because his blood isn’t pure! He is the son of Alchemist!” shouted rioter number two.

“Like Apollo said, we must protect our generation to come. What if he grows up and finds out that his father is Alchemist? Like any son, he will try to take advantage of his father’s name if you raise that child. We understand what you are going through; however, we must protect the future generation,” added rioter number three.

“No! I don’t care. I can’t live with myself knowing that I gave my son’s life away because of what his father has done. I am sorry! If you take my son’s life away, then you have to take my life as well.”

“Enough said. Take her away, and tell the others to prepare for the death of Alchemist’s son!” said rioter number one.

“That’s fine—I wouldn’t ask to die any other way. I’d rather die with honor than live in disgrace.”

The rioters carried Rose to the center of Alchemist’s courtyard right next to the pit of flames and placed her on the ground; they began to gash her open with no anesthesia. They began to cut open Rose’s womb. Blood sloshed everywhere as they tried to pull out Alchemist’s child. Once the child was visible, they pulled the infant from the wound and placed him on the ground. Then everyone began stabbing and stomping the infant as Rose bled to death. Once they finished with Rose, both bodies were dumped in the pit of flames. The rioters continued on with their madness as the bodies of Rose and her son turned into ashes.

Episode 2

Planet X: Dawn of a New Age